Chris Satterthwaite
Why research world views and religions

I can't speak to the reasons other folks investigate world views/religion/theology. But these were compelling to me personally. And ironically these questions were created by (not satisfied by) a pursuit of Science:

  • The Universe has a birth date, which means it came into existence. More specifically: matter, energy, space, time - all have a birth date. Who or what caused them?
  • If causation was random, the laws of nature should be unpredictable. But we do science because the laws of nature are uniform. Why are they uniform?
  • Multiple areas of Science show intelligence in design. Why?
  • Life does not come from non-life, even if you have all the right materials. Who or what started life?
  • Why do I understand right from wrong? Where did a moral law come from?
  • Where does self awareness come from, and why am I even asking these questions?