Chris Satterthwaite
For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus...

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, religion is: 1) the life or condition of a person in a religious order, 2) a set of beliefs, values, and practices based on certain teachings, and 3) a cause, principle or activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.  I think of religion as a practice of faith.

People inherently struggle with thoughts of faith and its implications.  I know I have struggled with my faith, and I've read books that detail this certainty in others as well.  So I am posting responses to some of my thoughts/discussions with others.

Why research world views and religions
Reasons that prevent me from accepting Naturalism/Evolution
Why investigate Christianity
Reasons that prevent me from accepting Mormonism and the LDS church
Reasons that prevent me from accepting the Jehovah Witness testimony
Analysis on the Christian Godhead
Miraculous Healing