Chris Satterthwaite
Reasons that prevent me from accepting Naturalism/Evolution

This was an area of struggle for me. In school (High School and Collegiate levels) I was taught evolution was true and anyone that believed otherwise was foolish. I was dumbfounded when I started reading responses from scientists and even whole areas of Science that said otherwise. Here were some of the reasons I stopped investigating Naturalism as a viable explanation for the big questions:

  • Naturalism cannot explain how matter and energy (i.e. the things needed for naturalism) came into existence. Everything in nature, comes from something... it has a cause. Something doesn't come from nothing, and we know the "something" has a birth date. Where did it come from? (i.e. Cosmological argument)
  • Naturalism cannot explain how information came into existence. DNA is information and not material; requires a completely different & yet unknown process.
  • Naturalism cannot explain how life started. Even if you ignore how matter and information came into existence - you still can't get life (living organisms) from non-life.
  • Charles Darwin admits in his book "The origins of Species" (in Chapters 6 and 9), that his theory (regarding macro evolution) required evidence that did not yet exist. He needed an abundance of evidence for transitional fossils, and a step-wise formation via natural selection. Neither of those have come to fruition.
  • Macro evolution has never been observed
  • Microbiology provides visibility into how cells repair and reproduce their own blueprints, but they don't create new blueprints (i.e. transitional forms for macro evolution).
  • There are no credible transitional fossils. The archaeopteryx was a bird, not a transitional fossil between reptile and bird; the Coelacanth fish (extinct about "70 million years" ago) is still alive; whale and horse "evolution" were debunked.
  • There are no credible ape-to-human fossils identified. Neanderthal (1856) accepted as homo sapiens. Java Man (1891) was an artificial construct. Piltdown Man (1908) proven to be a hoax. Nebraska Man (1922) was an extinct pig. Ramapithecus (1930) was an orangutan. Lucy (1974) was a make-believe creature constructed with bones from 2 different creatures.
  • The mathematical probability of generating a single protein by chance, is so small you might as well say it's impossible - and that's just a single protein (with about 100 amino acids)... a living organism requires millions. That's crazy.
  • There isn't enough time for the theory of macro evolution. All major phyla (classes of organisms) are found in the fossil record (i.e. came into existence) at the same time (Cambrian Explosion), and not over millions of years.
  • The Universe and laws of nature are incredibly fine tuned from the start (.007 strong nuclear force). Patterns and intelligent design emerge at the start, not as a result of random failures fizzling out first. (i.e. Teleological argument)
  • Results from the Human Genome project have shown common ancestry for man (i.e. all variations of man come from the same two parents), and common ancestry for dog (i.e. all variations of dogs - poodle, wolf, etc - come from the same two dogs).