Chris Satterthwaite
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Enterprise Systems Consulting - HP DDM Veteran

18 years of IT experience; 12 years focused on HP UCMDB/UD. Started with Quality Assurance and programming for the Intel Compiler team. Migrated into systems administration and datacenter management, then into writing tools for grid computing across remote heterogeneous lab environments. Entered consulting by working with technology to support discovery for ITIL disciplines, which flowed into project research and technical leadership on projects enabling IT Service Management.

In 2005 I learned Mercury's MAM product on the first version released after the Appilog acquisition (version 2.4.1 - before HP acquired Mercury), and used it in a datacenter migration. After two more projects I transferred into HP's Customer Oriented Research and Development group, working with customers in the same product space (UCMDB and UD), and working worldwide for HP pre-sales, post-sales, and large customer projects enabling discovery and mapping from the technical, business, and process perspectives.

While consulting in the HP UCMDB/UD product space, I have written over 100 discovery packages, integrated many products, challenged HP groups to excellence, strategically enabled new market segments, and have carried the banner for an open-source community.

Developed packages to map across the following technologies:

Web servers (IIS, IHS, iPlanet, Apache), Application servers (JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere), Databases (Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 UDB, DB2 on mainframe, NonStop, Sybase), Network devices (Cisco, F5, Citrix, Meraki Cloud Controllers and WAPs), Firewall Rules (CiscoWorks RME), Deep server discoveries (for Windows, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Linux, Mainframe zOS), new shell enablement (PowerShell), Virtualization (IBM HMC, vPars, vwPars, VMware VirtualCenter, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer/XenApp/Provisioning Services, Solaris Zones, KVM, oVirt), Hardware management (IBM BladeCenter, HP BladeSystem, Dell chassis and OpenManage, Cisco UCS), Asset management (nLyte, HP AM), Application Clusters (IBM HADR and HACMP, HP Polyserve, Microsoft Failover Cluster), Load Balancing (F5 BigIP LTM, Microsoft NLBS, Citrix Netscaler, Radware AppDirector), Specialized OS platforms (HP NonStop/NeoView, HP OpenVMS, IBM i/OS400, IBM z/OS, z/Linux), Schedulers (Autosys, Skybot/Robot, cron, at/system scheduler), Telenium, WebMethods, ServiceNow, Active Directory, Exchange, DNS, SSL/TLS Certificates, IBM Mainframe subsystems including DB2, WebSphere MQ, IMS and CICS.


Provide senior level consultation and solutions across IT silos, using HP's UCMDB and UD products. Seeking jobs accommodating a remote office.

Professional Experience

Sep 2011 - Present    Leverage Discovery, LLC     Remote-office in Quincy, IL
Managing Member

Showcasing the power of HP UCMDB and UD for HP customers. Providing senior-level consultation, engaging in POCs, delivering expert-level training, developing new add-on packages for discovery or custom integrations, and continuing to provide higher level solutions directly from the UCMDB, such as automated application and service modeling, automated app-dev discovery, application centric reporting, total cost of ownership, security vulnerability, datacenter migrations, and disaster recovery.

Feb 2015 - Dec 2015    Sungard Recovery Services     Remote-office in Quincy, IL
UCMDB Platform Architect

Technical lead for a team of UCDMB resources. The group provided UCDMB As A Service (UAAS) for hundreds of customers in a multi-tenant environment. Redesigned previous UCMDB architecture; moved from a single instance to multiple instances for controlled, horizontal scaling to handle expanding customer base for DR and cloud solutions. Upgraded from v10.01 to v10.21. In the process migrated a large number of customizations from the old platform, including: changes to the class model, changes to scripts, enrichments, views and reports, triggers, perspectives, integrations, custom discovery, custom reporting, and UCMDB Browser artifacts.

The reporting solution was substantial: bulk reporting that took UCMDB template queries as input. Nothing was hard coded; it was tenant-aware and logical CI-aware (e.g. per application), meaning new ones were automatically consumed. Reports were automatically generated and emailed according to the set schedule. The reports were dynamically grouped per tenant and per application, and the reporting context improved data quality and provided visibility into the following areas that were not possible to deliver OOTB:

Change reports only showing changes on desired CITs and attributes, Last discovery tracking for custom Aging, Connection error tracking for nodes to identify server decommissioning and proactively manage expired credentials, Duplicate Host reports where CIs are being represented more than once, and Missing Attribute reports to see the percentage complete of discovery coverage per application - broken down into which specific CIs were missing which desired attributes.

Apr 2014 - Nov 2014    Discount Tire     Remote-office in Quincy, IL
UCMDB/UD Consultant

Brought in to expedite application mapping, share experience, train, and build out the HP offering to cover IT silos not already supported in the framework. Advised Configuration Management, built new discovery packages, designed the first rev Cost and Asset CIs, automated the creation of Excel workbooks containing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for models built through the UCMDB, and integrated with RTSM and ServiceNow.

Jun 2012 - Jun 2013    Apollo Group     Remote-office in Quincy, IL
UCMDB/DDM Consultant, Asset Management group

Brought in to build value with the HP UCMDB and DDM products for an operational effort with Security Vulnerability. That migrated into designing/developing the technical foundation for an ITSM effort just spinning up. The engagement was then given to a datacenter migration project, where I provided technical enablement via UCMDB/DDM.

Goals included: enhance DDM discovery to find and map custom applications in the environment, discover dynamic application dependencies, map back into business Services for ITSM, enable visibility for Service impact, and create integrations with in-house products, and automate reporting for the DC effort across areas such as business applications, technical software instances, software platform versions, server and location context. Also provided graphical visibility to silos and move groups.

Jan 2012 - May 2012    Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)     Remote-office in Quincy, IL
uCMDB/DDM Consultant, Asset and Configuration Enterprise Solutions group

Hired for several concurrent projects. Desired work included: bolstering discovery and mapping for multiple data center migrations, help stand up a CMS for ITSM, and to integrate the solutions with additional HP BTO products just purchased.

Provided strategic content (Service Diagrams, integration designs) for base lining the SM CMDB and uCMDB with underpinning IT Services. This was to enable the HP SACM solution with SM being the focal point, followed by AM, uCMDB, DDM, RC. Consulted on how to leverage a global ID across all the products for a streamlined CMS. Developed a new reporting engine for the product, as well as some additional discovery: DNS records, database mapping (MSSQL/Sybase/DB2/Oracle), Cisco switch/Checkpoint firewall discovery, IIS via PowerShell, and upgraded/enhanced versions of previously developed packages.

Aug 2010 - Jan 2012    Lubrizol, Inc     Remote-office in Quincy, IL
uCMDB Consultant, IT Service Management

Sought out by Lubrizol Program Manager after a presentation at HP Software Universe. I helped design and implement a comprehensive ITIL-based solution using HP products (SM, uCMDB, DDM, AM, RC). The team included respected ITSM leads (e.g. author David Cannon), multiple HP groups, and Lubrizol IT Service Management teams. Responsibilities included: critiquing HP's design of ITIL CMS using the uCMDB as a hub with discovery and monitoring (HP verses Microsoft product lines), modifying for global ID usage across CI and Asset lifecycles, enabling software stamping for mapping discovery through shared resources, updating the cluster models for proper representation, research & development of DDMa discovery across multiple areas (e.g. OS thin clients, streaming apps, storage, SAP).

Aug 2009 - Aug 2010    Maritz, LLC     Remote-office in Quincy, IL
uCMDB Lead, Service Assurance group

Worked with HP uCMDB and DDM. Developed a plan to enhance IT Service Management disciplines through the Service Assurance group, consisting of an iterative approach to enhance discovery and control before selling to customers (realized value ~6 months). Responsibilities included: developing new discoveries, adding controls over newly discovered content, creating visibility to the content through other tools, engaging operational groups, expediting the ITSM onboarding process, presenting and selling to Maritz customers. I presented the project at HP Software Universe 2010 in Washington DC.

Jul 2007 - Aug 2009    Hewlett-Packard     Remote-office in Bloomington, IL and then Quincy, IL
uCMDB Customer Oriented R&D (CORD)

Worked on HP uCMDB and Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM) - formerly MAM. Business goals: Enhance HP products. Presented strategic vision for leveraging HP products in new market spaces. Identified quick tactical wins for pre-sales engagements, and presented that back to potential customers. Improved customer relations by identifying gaps between products at 'development partner' customers; then researched, designed and developed associated instrumentation.

Technical goals: Discover and map out technology and applications used across IT infrastructure. Developed primarily in Java and Jython to discover new technologies and integrate into new products. Bolstered uCMDB offering to bridge lower-level operational silos and enable higher-level disciplines of IT Service Management. Also personally had Microsoft accept an enhancement request to extend new content (netstat information) through WMI.

Management funded several of my strategic ideas, including one where I lead a six (6) month project to design/develop mainframe coverage for z/OS - host resources, network resources, and deep discovery across multiple subsystems. This effort, completed in 2008, was the first to bridge ITSM solutions between the mainframe and distributed environments.

June 2005 - Jul 2007    Pepperweed Consulting     Indianapolis, IN
Enterprise Systems Consultant

Details below cover the engagement at State Farm. The company delivered end-to-end solutions for large companies, which couple leading products and technologies with process and best practice.

2007 Website: - "Pepperweed consultants are nationally recognized for their unique ability to provide optimal infrastructure and process designs, and to deliver on the promise of those designs through hands-on implementation of selected technologies." Pepperweed was HP's number one platinum partner for consulting solutions.

June 2005 - Jul 2007    State Farm Insurance     Bloomington/Normal, IL
Systems Analyst Consultant

Technical consultation for Configuration Management within IT Service Management. Coordinated with vendors for product details, demos, and Q/A sessions. Lead two Request for Proposal (RFP) cycles, a Proof of Concept (POC), and two project implementation cycles. Technical documentation (R&D/composition/presentation): comparison of similar in-house products, comparison of fifteen discovery products for configuration management, white paper covering systems discovery methodologies. Followed ITIL best practices and interfaced with Service Level Management and other ITSM disciplines; group engagements and presentations across enterprise. Involved in project work and corresponding rigor. Auto-discovery (agent-based, agent-less, and passive methods), product and technology research, CI/relationship modeling for new CMDB structure, and designed data source integrations.

Implemented Mercury Application Mapping (MAM) software, to help mitigate business concerns in datacenter migration. Discovered infrastructure via agent-less sys admin protocols, mapped connections across network/host/mainframe/application resources, assigned relationships, and tracked interdependencies. Wrote 33 new Python, Perl, Java and XML discoveries, before documentation was available to even the Mercury consultants. Wrote TQL's (Topology Query Language) for logic, correlation, and data visibility.

Involved in securing applications over infrastructure: testing Oracle Advanced Security, JDBC thin/thick client communication, JMX with SOAP for WebSphere communication, sniffing encryption techniques for verification. Spearheaded R&D efforts: mainframe SNMP discovery over private MIB space, Identified WMI class association bugs in WBEM and WMI Windows security hole spoofing local access, JDBC driver functionality over types/versions, DB2 conflicts with mainframe pass-thru, and DB2 subsystem access via stored procedures.

Windows, AIX, HPUX, ESX, mainframe (z/OS)
VMware VirtualCenter, WebSphere Deployment Manager, Mainframe Rexx
Mercury Application Mapping (v2.4.1-3.x) / HP Application Mapping Software (v6.2,6.5)
HP Service Desk, BMC Marimba Inventory, Lotus Notes, CIM, Visio
SNMP, WMI, SSH, Perl, CGI, DBI, JMX, TQL, XML, JDBC, Java, Jython, Unix scripting
Mainframe DB2 w/ pass-thru servers, WebSphere, VMware, Oracle Advanced Security

February 2000 - March 2005    Intel Corporation     Santa Clara, CA
Computer Engineer, Intel Compiler Lab

Intel compiler Tools and Infrastructure group. Managed a lab (140+ systems) and supported a heterogeneous computing environment (HW, SW, FW, network, sys admin, procedures). Developed/maintained test harness to support worldwide testing of compiler in progressive environments. Supported the distributed batch computing environment (application and agents on ~350 machines) [aka. grid computing] used by the tools for compiler validation. Created processes/procedures (including DR plans), maintained corresponding BKM and operational support for internal websites. Aided level 2 troubleshooting network/server issues related to the tools and infrastructure. Supported released and pre-released hardware platforms on alpha/beta OS and apps. IPF (Itanium/Itanium2) technical expert. Hired and managed technicians for lab and sys admin support. Created/presented training to new hires for compiler development and testing, and formal training sessions for newly acquired sites on tools and infrastructure. Attended conferences for new technology research.

Linux x86/IPF (RedHat 6.x-9/AS/EL, TurboLinux, UnitedLinux), Unix, QNX, MontaVista,
Apple 9/9.1, Windows x86/IPF (NT, 2K Pro/AS, XP, 2003)
Compilers: Microsoft (cc), GNU (gcc), Intel on Linux/Windows (icc),
Mortice Korn Systems, Cygwin, MS Visual Studio, CVS, Sitescope, Big Brother, Ghost,
PVCS Tracker, DHCP, TCP/IP, NIS, DNS, Active Directory, cron, nfs, samba, NTFS, html,
scripting (bash,csh,ksh), C, C++, Perl, DBI, ODBC, MS SQL

Summer 1999     Kraft Foods Inc.     Chicago, IL
Unix Systems Architecture Intern, HP-Unix Group

Third tier of support for over 100 HP-UX servers. Performed disaster recovery and corresponding documentation for a dozen supported servers. Developed a web page for training and support for the second tier, adapted a Unix DCE (X Term) menu system, and converted Posix tools to Perl.


December 1999     Western Illinois University     Macomb, IL
BS in Computer Science


"Chris Satterthwaite worked as a consultant at the Lubrizol Corporation for approximately 18 months. We first met Chris at the 2010 HP Discover conference where we attended his Advanced DDM session. His presentation was excellent and we appreciated how he handled varied questions from the audience. We asked Chris to join our team thinking his enthusiasm and expertise would fit perfectly with our implementation approach. Chris helped our company realize the benefits of our Service Management program through targeted tool enablement of our processes, specifically change and configuration management. Chris produced outstanding results for technical delivery, knowledge transfer to our teams and valuable support throughout the engagement.

While Chris's work was extremely technical in nature, he understood the need to adjust his language depending on the audience. I appreciated that because the translation of technical enablement to business outcomes is an extremely important value proposition for purchasing the tools in the first place.

Chris put many of our very senior technical architects at ease whether in meetings or one on one. He was able to demonstrate immediate expertise and understanding across a broad spectrum of technology and showed appreciation for our corporate culture.

Specific technical consulting delivered by Chris included the following:
  • Tailored the HP Service Manager-uCMDB integration (JavaScript, WSDL configuration) enabling ITIL change tracking for discoverable configuration items
  • Participated in the integration of uCMDB-Service Manager-Release Control products
  • Built 15 custom discovery packages for proper coverage across Lubrizol environment
  • Assisted with lifecycle solution for cross platform product integration and reconciliation overcoming limitation of HP proprietary software suite
  • Supported individual process managers for break-fix, tailoring and configurations
In Summary, I highly recommend Chris Satterthwaite without reservation"
Claudia Euse, IT Service Management, Lubrizol

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